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Ad: HVR Winter Releases 2017

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Hidden Vision Records

I founded HVR in 2013 as a place for music lovers to come together and share their creations. Our key service is making small batch cassette releases of a rare and exceptional nature. Since founding the label, my collaborators and I have distributed over a dozen releases by artists in the Baltimore music community. Collaboration within this community of artists empowers us to explore new frontiers of sound. These works are stocked regularly at The True Vine Record Shop in Baltimore, MD and available to order and stream online.

I developed the label's visual language and collected its first batch of releases while at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Since then, HVR artists Alex Homan, Nathan Pasko, and Andi Scotti have brought their skills and expertise to the label and have helped keep the project running. I currently make marketing materials, maintain and add to the website, create album art for cassette and CD releases, and keep the overall brand in line.

HVR Winter Releases 2017

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